The Boat: Dyer Dhow

Dyer Details

The Dyer Dhow is a 9' dinghy with a centerboard. It supports both a full sail and a storm sail, allowing racing up to 20kts of breeze. Its high railings help keep the sailor dry.

The Dyer is not self righting. Chase boats assist in the event of capsize and to get sailors back on the course.

First built in the early 1940s, it gained prominence as a stackable dinghy that could be used as a lifeboat or dropped as a rescue boat during WWII.

The Dhow is the oldest, continuously built fiberglass boat in production today. Read more about the history of the Dhow!


Plan for the day by first checking the weather.

Most frostbiters invest in a dry suit, but any warm foul weather gear is sufficient for winter sailing.

What is most important is prolonged protection from the climate. Warm gloves, double socks, a warm hat and a neck gaiter will make frostbiting the most comfortable.

Charter boat

While most MFA members own their own boats, members can take advantage of the Dyers the MFA fleet owns and maintains.

Available as full or half charters, they are a great way to get involved without committing to ownership.