Mamaroneck Frostbite Association

⛵Message to Members

Come and sail with us this winter!

From October thru April, the Mamaroneck Frostbite Association sails on weekends in Long Island Sound.

With more than 50 registered members, the racing is co-ed, all ages, and competitive to all skill levels.

Most days allow for 2-plus hours of racing. 

No boat? No problem! MFA has club-owned boats that are available to members to charter and race. For information on getting involved, email us at

Beach Point Yacht Club, Mamaroneck, NY (weather)

Beach Point Yacht Club is 45 minutes by train or ad-hoc car pool from New York City.

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2023 - 2024 Season

The season will start in early October with Try-It-Out Days and run through April. To keep track of the season, here are some helpful links:

The Boat: Dyer Dhow

All Members

Sign up to volunteer!

MFA is a volunteer organization. Each member is required to volunteer for race committee, crash boat, and party planning at least once per season.

Sign up today to secure your spot!

Charter Members

Learn to rig / de-rig your boat

Setting up and putting away a Dyer is a bit mysterious the first time.

Read through these instructions to learn how to do it yourself. And on the dock ask a veteran member for help if you need it!

Returning Sailors

Pay your dues

Your dues help keep the committee and crash boats running and pay our rent at beautiful Beach Point. Make sure to pay your dues before you race this season.

Boat Specs

The Dyer Dhow is a 9' dinghy with a centerboard. It supports both a full sail and a storm sail, allowing racing up to 20kts of breeze. Its high railings help keep the sailor dry.

The Dyer is not self righting. Chase boats assist in the event of capsize and to get sailors back on the course.


Plan for the day by first checking the weather.

Most frostbiters invest in a dry suit, but any warm foul weather gear is sufficient for winter sailing.

What is most important is prolonged protection from the climate. Warm gloves, double socks, a warm hat and a neck gaiter will make frostbiting the most comfortable.

Charter Boats

While most MFA members own their own boats, members can take advantage of the Dyers the MFA fleet owns and maintains.

Available as full or half charters, they are a great way to get involved without committing to ownership. 

Sunday Races & Socials

MFA runs races every Sunday, weather permitting, from the beginning of November until the beginning of April. Sunday races are followed by a club social that includes food, race debriefing, tactics and rules discussion and a libation or two.

Saturday Racing

The warmer weather of November, March, and April allows racing on Saturdays as well. Together with Sunday racing, this provides over 40 scheduled days of racing through the winter! Read more about sailing with us.


MFA runs several regattas throughout the season. The New Years Regatta, Founders Regatta, and Handicap Regatta are opportunities to race consecutive days and put your skills on the water to the test!


MFA is open to racers of all skill level. To help grow the skills of all members, several coaching clinics are run throughout the season. These clinics focus on racing tactics for starts and roundings, sail trim tips and boat handling, and racing rules.