Race reports 2020

November 7, 2020

Race report by Scott Guerin

I have the distinct honor of inaugurating Mamaroneck Frostbite Association’s 63rd season with this report . WE SURVIVED. And in the face of COVID headwinds it would seem we are as strong as ever judging from the new blood joining the club and ongoing vigour from everyone else especially those who painstakingly planned our return to water.

And what a day it was: sunny with an oscillating southerly of 3-6kt. Given the previous weekend was cancelled, many boats were already on the dock and they trickled in during the day including Fred Treffeisen’s boat on its decomposing trailer. RC John Field and Melissa Bontemps called the shots from a crash boat and a shout out is needed for the crash boat crews who attended to numerous breakdowns, one capsize, and a wallow.

17 boats started the day in a combined AB fleet and using last season’s Division Assignment there were 5 in A and 12 in B across 8 windward-leeward races. Sadly, a charter boat steered by newcomer Joel Chovet suffered an unusual breakdown just before racing started: his boom snapped in half and he couldn’t race. Hang in there Joel, hope to see you again soon.

Starting with B-Fleet, we are all thrilled to have Captain “Go Sammy Go” Lawrence back on the water and she, in her Sea-green speedster, got a podium position with 63 points. Zach (sail #70) beat Sam by a point to take first place. MFA veteran Shig Odani rounded out the podium with a solid 3rd place finish with 70 points.

In A fleet, steady performance paid off as usual. Jed Kwartler, with two bullets counter-balanced by two toe-stubbers grabbed third with 32 points (3,2,3,1,9,5,1,8). Scott Guerin started off the season off with an over early call then reeled off two of his three bullets before “aggression” got the better of him and was over early again - leaving him in second place with 23 points (6,1,1,2,6,4,2,1). And so it was Bahar Gidwani’s day to be on top with 19 points (2,4,2,3,1,2,3,2).

Scores and placings above are unofficial BTW.

A reminder from the measurer - we’ll start checking weights this coming weekend (assuming we race) and the rule is as follows: WEIGHT: Sailor will be required to meet a minimum weight requirement of 190 pounds. This weight requirement will include the sailor’s body weight, all normal clothing and safety gear, and any optional equipment actually used by the sailor such as his/her boat’s paddle, bailer, tiller extender, filled drink bottle, and bow dodger. Notwithstanding this requirement, no sailor will be required to add more than 30 pounds of weight to her/his boat. Of this amount, no more than 20 pounds may be non-floating weight unless sailor also adds at least 10 pounds of positive floatation.