Party Planning

This document outlines party planning responsibilities. Please read this carefully! Ask if you have any questions!

The current hospitality chairs are Carla Murphy & Alex Vogt

Every Sunday after racing, MFA holds a social for the fleet - as of the 2022-23 season, the social will be held back in the Jr. Sailing clubhouse! That means the return of warm soup or chili, along with snacks and beverages.

The social is made possible by weekly volunteers who sign up to plan, provide, setup, and cleanup the social. All MFA members are required to volunteer for Party Planning at least once during the season.

It is recommended you work with a co-host in the event you cannot be there for clean-up or commute via train and need help bringing supplies. The commuting complexities for some folks can be tough to handle alone.

What does a party host do?

Because the party is held outdoors in breezy conditions, Paper plates, cups and plasticware are not allowed to prevent trash from blowing around. It is the responsibility of the party host to make sure that the outside area is completely clean at the end of the day.

  • Hot food: make or buy something to fill 3 crock pots. (4 regular sized cans per crock pot)

  • Snacks and drinks: bring a few six packs of beer, other beverages if you like, pre-portioned snacks like chips, pretzels, fruit, sliced/cubed cheese, crackers, cookies, etc

  • Supplies: buy whatever party supplies we are low on (the prior party host or hospitality chair will email you)

  • Pre-race: before racing: put crock pot liners in 3 crock pots, put food in crock pots, turn to medium, cover

  • Post-race: after racing: put out snacks

  • Cleanup: before you leave:

      1. tidy up, rinse ladles, put away leftover non-perishable food

      2. throw out all trash, including crock pot liners

      3. remove any glass or aluminum cans from Beach Point premises for recycling - If you aren’t driving, somebody who is will volunteer to remove recycling

      4. make note of any supplies we're low on so you can either email the hospitality chair or the next party host to get those items replenished

The outdoor set up required this year is more physical than years past - MFA members are expected to volunteer to help with set up!