Race Committee Instructions

Thank you for volunteering for Race Committee!

This document will hopefully clarify some of your responsibilities with regards to scoring for the weekend.  Please read this carefully and ask for clarification if you have any questions. If you don’t, and then you make mistakes on race day, it may be impossible to fix them later!

Check the division assignments in effect for this weekend on the website; they should have been updated since the last race day.  If racing is held on Saturday, Saturday's RC is responsible for calculating division migrations as described below. If no racing is held on Saturday, the division assignments are valid for Sunday.

    • For regular racing days, use the "Regular Racing" assignments in the left hand column.

    • For regatta days, use the "Regatta" assignments in the right hand column.

    • Sailors in the "Regatta Choice" section may choose which division to race in for a regatta. They must make the same choice for the whole regatta.

    • If you have trouble seeing the right hand column on your smart phone, try rotating your phone into landscape mode.

  • Please bring at least 2 copies of the scoring forms:

    • Fill in details about the racing day on the cover sheet. We are going to try to keep track of weather conditions and correlate it with sailor performance.

    • "Race Finishing Positions" is the form you use to record the sail number of finishers as they finish. Please also record the course number on this form.  "Daily Scores" is the form you use, once all racing is over for the day, to summarize, for each sailor (by sail number), his/her finishes for the day.

    • It is crucial that you get the correct name for each sail number, as many of the new members are sharing boats, sail number assignments are still being worked out, etc.  Please ask Fred, Eva, Bahar, Melissa, and the sailors themselves for help.  This is very important. Please include a first and last name, particularly for new members.

    • Please clearly mark which sailors get RC (or crash boat) credit for the day.  To get credit, the sailor must either serve on the committee boat as RC chair or co-chair, or on a crash boat.  Only one sailor can receive credit for RC chair, and only one sailor can receive credit for RC co-chair - other sailors that go out on the committee boat do not receive credit.  If the designated chair / co-chair go sailing, they do not receive credit.

    • Please scan and email the forms to me, as soon as you can.  If you are unable to do so, please find someone who can.  It is important that I get the results so that I can compute division assignments for the following week.  The only thing that can absolve you of this responsibility is if I physically take the sheet from you at the end of the day.

  • Please walk around the docks before the race to determine the size of each fleet.  If the number of sailors racing in A division is significantly smaller than those racing in B, you should work with Fred, Bahar, or Rocco to figure out which B sailors shall be promoted to A to make the fleets more even.  The division assignment lists how many days a sailor competed in each division, the B sailor with the most days sailed in A should be moved up first, and so on.

  • There are three 'tricky' points that people often have problems with and that are very important to get correct:

    • Please make sure you clearly mark all DNS/DNF/RAF/DSQ, etc., and score them appropriately (1 more than the total number of boats participating that day in the fleet). Please note that RAF (retired after finishing, i.e. withdrawal) or DSQ will move all boats that had finished behind that boat up one place.  For example, if the boat that finished 5th retires or is disqualified, the boats that finished 6 and up are each moved up one point.  The boat that retired gets one more than the total number of boats.

    • If both divisions start together, you score them on the same "Race Finishing Positions" and "Daily Scores" forms, i.e. a sailor gets a finishing position for the combined fleet.  Once the Daily Scores form is complete, you can then determine the relative place in each division : rank all A sailors according to their combined fleet score - that determines their place in A; rank all B sailors according to their combined fleet scores - that determines their place in B.  It is quite possible that a B sailor has a better combined score than an A sailor, but that does not affect what division he was in.

    • If there are guests racing, they are treated the same as member sailors regarding their race finishing position, and the race positions of those who finish behind them.  For example, if a guest finishes 5, he gets 5 points for the race, the sailor that finished immediately after him will get 6 points.  Guests will also have their Daily Score summarized just like members, and their place announced at the post-race party.  Guests are not counted when determining the number of boats that get promoted/demoted from a fleet (see below), nor are they counted when determining season standings; as such, please make sure they are marked properly on the scoring sheets.

  • If racing is held on Saturday, it is the responsibility of Saturday's RC to calculate which sailors get promoted/demoted for Sunday.  The RC should makes those notes on the division assignment sheet, and leave the sheet near the helm of the committee boat.

    • Sunday's RC should use the division assignments as left by Saturday's RC.  If racing is not held on Saturday, or the modified assignments cannot be found, Sunday's RC should use the assignments in the attached form.

  • Division assignment changes are calculated as follows:

    • If a division has less than 5 members (non-guests) , no one will be moved from that division.  Otherwise,

    • Take the number of members (non-guests) that finished in A division.  Multiply by 0.2 and round to the nearest whole number.  Let's call that number α.  The bottom α members in A move down.

    • Take the number of members (non-guests) that finished in B division.  Multiply by 0.2 and round to the nearest whole number.  Let's call that number β.  The top β members in B move up.

Although the following points are not directly related to scoring, please make sure you are aware of the following

  • A boat finishes when any part of it first touches the finish line. In fact, the boat doesn't even need to cross the line to finish. However, the boat must clear the line without incident to be considered finished; if she touches a mark or fouls someone and then does a penalty turn, she must recross the line to finish.

  • While ties can occur in a race, they only exist when the RC is certain that both boats have finished at exactly the same time.  This is different than it being "too close to call".  For those situations, the RC must do its best to determine who won.

  • If the automatic starting system is broken, please make sure you give the fleet sufficient warning that you are about to start a sequence, and then count down to beginning of the sequence (5..4..3..2..1..TWO MINUTES).

  • If there is a protest, or if the RC believes that a competitor broke a rule or deserves redress, the RC should record all finishes as they happened, record the boats involved in the protest, and convene a Protest Committee. The RC cannot adjust scores on their own, other than noting a competitor who retires after finishing (RAF).

Thanks, good luck, and have fun.

PS If anything in this document conflicts with the Notice of Race or the Sailing Instructions, those documents take precedence. This document should only be viewed as a guide.